Coronavirus threat may remain for months, warns Medical Experts

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 - 14:35

Medical experts point out that the deadly new coronavirus originated from China will not be eliminated anytime soon.

According to Professor David Fishman of the University of Toronto, Canada, it will be circulating around the world for at least a few months. During that time, tens of thousands of people could be infected with the virus.

According to Alejandro Vespigani, a professor at Northeastern University who runs an online dashboard on the coronavirus, the risk of the virus is unlikely to end in the next week or month.

The virus is capable of transmitting from one person to at least 4 people.

It is a common condition and sometimes more people can get the virus.

Often, treatment of the infected persons, the washing of hands, and wearing a face masks will control the transmission of the virus.

Similarly, reducing the number of transmitted patients to less than could help combat the virus, according to Professor David Fishman.

The death toll from coronavirus in China is estimated to be 106, with more than 4,500 people infected.

However, according to Professor Vespigani, the number of coronavirus infected patients in China alone exceeds 25,000.

But researchers at the University of Hong Kong said that number could exceed 40,000.