Parliament convenes sectoral meeting on coronavirus - New Ayurvedic product to increase immunity of Colombo residents

Thursday, 30 January 2020 - 11:35

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases expects to give further inhouse treatment to the Chinese female patient hit by coronavirus.

Specialist doctor Ananda Wijewickrama said that the virus hit patient has been recovering.

He said that 8 more suspected coronavirus Chinese nationals are under treatment in the hospital.

Two Chinese nationals and one Russian national were admitted to hospital yesterday with similar symptoms, but the Russian national was discharged this morning.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the OPD patients turnout has dropped following the coronavirus hit Chinese patient was admitted to the hospital.

However, Dr Wijewickrama refuted the newspaper reports that the minor workers do not report for duty following the admittance of the Chinese patients.

During the last four days 661 Sri Lankans have returned to the island from China.

From 4pm last evening till this morning 281 Sri Lankans arrived in five planes.

Meanwhile the Sri Lankan embassy in Beijing said that within the past four days 488 students had departed from China.

Meanwhile, The Head of the of Indigenous Medicine Department of the Colombo Municipal Council Dr. M.J.Marasinghe said today that his department started production of a syrup and a powder to enhance immunity, as a precautionary measure to prevent being infected from new coronavirus and all other communicable diseases.

Dr. Marasinghe further said many people are keen to prevent the new coronavirus infection which has already spread in many countries of the world.