Sri Lanka looks forward to a favourable response to evacuate students from Wuhan

Friday, 31 January 2020 - 16:03

Acting Sri Lankan Ambassador in China, K.K. Yoganathan stated that the Chinese government is expected to respond positively in the next two days to a request by Sri Lanka to land a plane in order to evacuate Sri Lankans from Wuhan, China.

When inquired by the Hiru news team, he said that the Sri Lankans have been provided with all the necessary food and other necessities and it is possible for them to go to the supermarkets using protective measures.

Meanwhile, 48 more Sri Lankan students from China arrived in the island last night.

They arrived in Sri Lanka on three flights from Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China.

The Hiru airport correspondent stated that the students were sent home after pre-inspections at the airport.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka said that several measures have been taken to prevent the entry of coronavirus to the country from Sri Lanka's incoming passengers.

The Civil Aviation Authority further stated that they are in continuous communication with all stakeholders of civil aviation regarding further steps to be taken in this regard.

Passengers from countries with reported Coronavirus infected patients, including China, are currently being monitored with high priority on arrival to Sri Lanka via domestic and international airlines.

Meanwhile, five people who were suspected of contracting the new coronavirus are receiving treatment at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

A spokesperson stated that that the condition of the Chinese woman who was diagnosed with coronavirus has returned to normal.

Her condition was stable and she was being detained only as a safety measure.

Director of the Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Sudath Samaraweera, said that at the time of the World Health Organization's declaration of a global emergency, Sri Lanka was already following international standards for the eradication of coronavirus.

When inquired by the Hiru news team the Director stated that there is no specific additional actions to be taken with the decision of the WHO.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors Association stated at a press conference held in Colombo today that their union officials are currently on duty regarding the coronavirus.

Chairman of the Association Upul Rohana said that although their officers work in the airport and in the harbour, their union is not aware of what is happening inside the Colombo harbour.