Thursday, 06 February 2020 - 14:45

A suspect who set his container on fire along with his drunken neighbor at Palampatar Bridge in Tambalagamuwa has been arrested in Manner yesterday while he was waiting to flee to India.

Investigations have revealed that the suspect is a former LTTE member.

He has confessed to the police that he gave a lift to one of his neighbors on his way to unload a stock of paddy to a rice mill in Medirigiriya.

Later, the suspect had told police that he and his neighbor consumed liquor on their way back and, set the container lorry on fire after his drunken friend fell asleep behind his seat.

Police first believed the burnt body was of the driver.

Subsequently, an investigation was initiated on a complaint that a person of Uppuweli had gone missing.

Later, police confirmed that the charred body is of the missing person of Uppuweli.

A senior police officer told our news team that the suspect had committed the murder to mislead the police and flee to India, intending to cover up a previous murder he committed in Kilinochchi.