The man who brutally attacked a dog in Kuliyapitiya with a manna knife, has been identified

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 16:29


An animal organization stated that the man who attacked a residential pet dog in Kuliyapitiya between the head and the face with a Manna knife has been identified.

The attention of the country was drawn to the images exchanged on social media of the dog with the knife stuck in between the head and the face.

An inquiry by the Hiru news team revealed that the dog had been initially taken to a veterinary surgeon in Dandagamuwa area in Kuliyapitiya, with serious injuries.

The dog was subsequently taken to a private veterinary hospital in Kurunegala for further treatment.

One of the veterinarians stated that the knife had been removed after a 4-hour surgery.

He noted that the knife had pierced about 3 inches between the dog's head and mouth.

The veterinarian stated that the condition of the dog as stable.

In response to a query by the Hiru news team, the owner of the dog said that he would not lodge a complaint with the police.

But a spokeswoman for the Animal rights group stated that the suspect had been identified and that the law would be implemented against him.