Mistress and D.Manju’s wife arrested for constable’s murder

Saturday, 22 February 2020 - 18:41

Police has arrested two more women today in connection to the murder of a police constable in Kadawatha.

The arrested are the mistress of the constable and niece who is the wife of organized criminal D. Manju.

The arrests have been made in Mattakuliya and Wattala by the Kelaniya crimes investigation unit.

The suspects are scheduled to be presented before the Mahara magistrate court tomorrow.

Police investigations have revealed that the arrested women have been heroin dealers as well.

Three suspects including 20 year old Bunty who were arrested from the Eli vila area in Kurunegala yesterday were presented before the Mahara magistrates court today.

The police have obtained permission to retain them for 48 hours for questioning.

The chief suspect of the incident “Sudda” is also among the retained.

Furthermore two swords and 5 mobile phones which were confiscated by the police will also be presented to court.