Revelations made regarding an Indo- Sri Lanka human trafficking racket

Monday, 24 February 2020 - 7:47


Information has come to light regarding an organized human smuggling ring,  where Sri Lankan women are being smuggled to work for massage centers in India.

This was when a group of officials from the department of immigration and emigration arrested two Sri Lankan and one Indian woman for staying back suspiciously at the airport departures terminal.

The two women are in their thirties and are residents of Anuradhapura and Matara and it has been revealed that these two women have been working as beauticians.

A Sri Lankan who is married to an Indian woman, acting as the broker had handed over these two women to the Indian national who had been at a motel in Mt. Lavinia.

It has been revealed that he had purchased the air tickets upon conducting an HIV/ AIDs blood test.

The officials had arrested them while they were behaving suspiciously at the airport departure terminal awaiting to board a flight to Chennai.

Upon interrogation, the Sri Lankan intermediary and a woman in assistance have also been arrested connected to the human smuggling ring.

A large number of passports belonging to Sri Lankan women were also found in the possession of these suspects.