Sri Lankan in Italy not infected with Covid -19

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 - 13:09


The Ministry of Foreign relations states that information concerning the Sri Lankan community, especially in the Lombardy region, in Italy are being monitored with the spread of the Covid – 19 (Coronavirus) in Italy.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Rome and the Consulate in Milan are closely monitoring the situation and are coordinating the safety measures of the Sri Lankans.

However, according to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Rome and Milan no Sri Lankans in Italy have been infected with the Covid -19 virus.

More than 104,000 Sri Lankans live in Italy, and about 60 percent of them are concentrated in the Lombardy region, where the virus is spreading.

 The Ministry of Foreign relations  further stated that the Sri Lankan embassies are communicating with the Italian health authorities and exchanging information  with the Sri Lankan temples and community leaders.