Wednesday, 26 February 2020 - 13:43


An agreement was signed on 24 February for the first time in history, to provide all research and studies carried out by universities and affiliated institutions to Parliament.

This agreement was signed by the Chairman of the University Grants Commission Professor Sampath Amaratunga and the General Secretary of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake.

All research, seminar leaflets etc., done by universities and affiliated institutions under this agreement will be handed over for the use of Members of Parliament.

At the same time, an opportunity will be provided through this for Parliamentarians who are policy makers, to use for various tasks, books published as well as to get the assistance of university professors.

Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya who was the Chief Guest on this occasion said that Sectoral Oversight Committees and Committees such as COPE which are in operation in Parliament will find these very useful in their committee activities.

The Speaker also said that as much using university research for tasks he said he requests the people to make arrangements to send to Parliament a group which can be addressed as Parliamentarians.

Expressing his views the Chairman of the University Grants Commission Professor Sampath Amaratunga said this was historic and for the first time teaching staff is joining the Parliament.

The Chairman also requested all researchers connected with the field of universities to share their findings with policymakers.

Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri, Deputy General Secretary of the Parliament and Chief of Staff Neil Iddawela together with a number of intellectuals representing the university field were present on this occasion.