Number of persons affected by the drought exceed two hundred thousand

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 - 12:52


The Meteorology Department said that since high temperature levels could prevail, more attention should be focused on the heat in certain areas in The North-western and Western Provinces as well as in the Galle and Matara Districts.

In warnings issued through a statement the Department said that small children, the elderly and patients should be on alert.

Due to the high heat and lack of salts due to dehydration cramps and extreme fatigue could occur.

Therefore the Meteorology Department requests people to drink adequate water and limit tiring outdoor activities and that people should mostly wear white coloured or light coloured clothing.

Due to the prevailing dry weather conditions, 228 thousand 394 persons from 4 districts have been badly affected.

The Disaster Management Center said that 15 thousand 525 persons in the Kalutara District are among them.

As a result of sea water mixing with drinking water, 12 thousand 728 persons in Beruwala, Panadura, Kalutara and Dodangoda Divisional Secretariat Divisions of the Kalutara District have been severely affected.

The number of persons affected in the Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Ruwanwella, Bulathkohupitiya, Deraniyagala, Galigamuwa and Warakapola in the Kegalle District is 3697.

In the latest statement issued by the Disaster Management Center it is said that 7959 persons from the Ratnapura District and 1213 persons from the Kandy – Akurana Divisional Secretariat Divisions have been affected due to the extreme dry weather.