Truth regarding planting of Aloe Vera in Wilpattu revealed

Thursday, 27 February 2020 - 7:43


Reports regarding a project where nearly 100 acres of the south east border of the Wilpattu national forest reserve is being cleared destroying the ecosystem in order to commence a large scale aloe vera plantation is being circulated on social media.

It is noted that this plantation project is fully funded by a private company and the respective company has failed to obtain a environment damage assessment report as well.

We inquired about the matter from the divisional secretariat of Rajanganaya and a representative noted that the area is licensed property.

He noted that these lands are utilized for paddy farming and farmers interests have been drawn towards planting of aloe vera with the support of a private company.

The officer further noted that these lands are located nearly a km away from the border of the Wilpattu national reserve.