Revelations regarding police chiefs avoiding their duties being fully aware of the Easter Sunday attacks

Friday, 28 February 2020 - 8:07


Lalith Pathinayake who was formerly the DIG in charge of Colombo, revealed yesterday that if the OIC of the Colombo - North division followed through and implemented his orders, the impacts of Easter Sunday attack could have been minimized.

He stated this testifying before the Presidents commission appointed to investigate the Easter Sunday attacks.

The current senior DIG in charge of Sabaragamuwa province, who was in charge of the Colombo division during the Easter Sunday attacks, Lalith Pathinayake testified before the Presidents commission yesterday.

He noted that the Senior DIG of the western province Nandana Munasinghe mentioned prior to the attack via a phone call about a confirmed attack which was either going to be carried out on the 20th or 21st of April.

Lalith Pathinayake testifying before the commission noted that he informed necessary measures be taken about this warning, and in order to confirm further he contacted the head of the state intelligence, Nilantha Jayawardena.

However Lalith Pathinayake noted that the head of state intelligence had said that confirmed locations for the attacks to be carried out had not been mentioned, but the attack was imminent. 

Further he noted that the head of state intelligence had informed him that the attack is to be carried out by the national Thowheeth Jamath Organization, and understanding how grave the situation was, he informed the OICs of the Colombo – north, Colombo south and Central – Colombo police divisions.

He added that he informed them to beef up security in Christian and Catholic churches.

Lalith Pathinayake further noted that the initial information regarding the Easter Sunday attacks was received on the 11th of April to the Colombo DIGs office from the Western province senior DIG.

He noted that he was on leave from the 10-13th of April and his acting officer had informed of the matter to the respective division in charge officers.

He further noted that he followed up on the matter and the central Colombo and Colombo south OICs had informed him of the measures taken by them on the 12th of April, while the Colombo north division OIC, Sanjeewa Bandara informed of the measures taken after the Easter Sunday attacks.