Capital Manila is reopened

Monday, 01 June 2020 - 14:29


The capital of the Philippines, Manila which was the city which was closed for the longest period of time due to the Coronavirus pandemic, was reopened today.

This city was in lockdown from mid-March and 12 million people live there.  

At the same time the oldest woman in Indonesia to have contracted the Coronavirus has recovered now.

The 100 year old woman, was hospitalized for close to a month and was under treatment, foreign media reports said.

Meanwhile, the government of South Korea has decided to reopen all schools in the country from the middle of this month.

Also, with the number of Coronavirus patients reported falling, Japan took steps to open airports to aircraft arriving from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

The highest number of deaths, 151 was reported from Mexico today and the number of deaths that have occurred in that country up to now is 9,930.

The number of Coronavirus infected patients worldwide is 6,267,669. The number of deaths that have been reported is 373,972 and 2,848,455 persons have recovered from the virus up to now.