Army Commander confirms that there is no way that the Coronavirus spreading to society through infected persons

Tuesday, 02 June 2020 - 13:49


Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva emphasized that the Coronavirus has not been spread to society through Sri Lankans arriving from foreign countries and from members of the navy or close associates of the Army officer who were identified to have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Another 10 persons infected with the Coronavirus were reported yesterday and the total number of infected persons in this country increased to 1643. Among those reported to be infected with the virus last there were two members of the Navy, two persons who had had contact with the Army member as well as two persons who had come from Indonesia and Belarus and four persons who were in quarantine after having returned from Bangladesh. Meanwhile, four more members of the navy who had been infected with the Coronavirus recovered today and left hospitals. As a result the overall number of members of the Army who have recovered has increased to 415.

Anyhow, Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said further that from among those infected being reported from the Navy and Sri Lankans arriving from foreign countries, the virus has not been spread to external society.