CIA reveals about land racket in Sambaltivu lagoon (Video)

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 - 0:01


Environmental organizations allege that large areas of Trincomalee-Sambaltivu lagoon are being reclaimed on a large scale.

They point out that a proper investigation should be conducted into the manner in which the deeds were given to the lands near the lagoon.

Today, the CIA revelations is with regard to the land matters surrounding the Sambaltivu lagoon.

Sambalthivu land is a biodiverse ecosystem that is around 4km from the Trincomalee town down the Nilaveli road.

The Sambalthivu Lagoon is owned by the Forest conservation Department and the Coast Conservation Department.

Over 150 acres of this lagoon which is rich in biodiversity, have been reclaimed with the help of some government officials.

Some of the land has been marked off with barbed wire fences, while other lands have been filled with soil and construction commenced.

From time to time, the reserved areas along the lagoon belt are being filled.

Environmentalists also oint out that land deeds have been forged.

Needless to say, these constructions have a direct impact on the valuable mangrove system of the Sambaltivu Lagoon.

An immediate inquiry is required to get to the bottom of this destruction and to ascertain the person who has given these lands of the Sambaltivu Lagoon reservation.