Global Covid-19 patients exceed 11 million

Saturday, 04 July 2020 - 8:38

The global Covid-19 cases have now exceeded 11,181,000 and the death total stands at 528,376.

The US reported nearly 55,000 new cases yesterday (03) to take the total to 2,890,588.

The country has 132,000 fatalities.

With 42,000 new patients yesterday, Brazil has more than 1,500,000 infected and 63,254 deaths.

Russia’s patients total 667,000 and it has 9,589 deaths, while India has 650,000 cases and 18,669 fatalities.

Tamil Nadu alone accounts for 100,000 cases and 1,385 deaths.

Meanwhile, Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organization's emergencies programme urged people and government to understand the reality and rise up to curb the pandemic.

Correctly understanding the statistics and the actual situation are important, he said.