Various views by politicians regarding General Election (Video)

Saturday, 11 July 2020 - 22:31


Prof. Ven. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero says that it is not appropriate to give power to politicians who are trying to take advantage of the poverty of the people in this election.

Prasanna Ranatunga says that the people who have destroyed the country during the last four and a half years are claiming that the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna cannot get a two thirds majority.

He said that he would challenge Sajith Premadasa and Ranil Wickremesinghe to show one-third.

Addressing a public gathering, Dilan Perera said that Sajith Premadasa is not even seen in his three provinces.

Meanwhile the candidate of Samagi Jana Balawegeya Kabir Hashim addressing a media briefing expressed his views.

He pointed out that the government had failed in managing the economy and the coronavirus pandemic.