Controversial character of the seventies Marusira's beloved wife Ranmenika passes away (Video)

Monday, 03 August 2020 - 20:30


Ranmenika, the beloved wife of Siripala, who became popular all over the country under the name of Marusira, who created controversial news in the whole country in the seventies, has passed away.

She was 77 at the time of her demise. 

The love story of Ranmanika and Marusira who lived in Saliyapura, Anuradhapura was interestingly depicted in many movies and newspapers but their real life story was not so interesting.

The reason for this was that Siripala, who took up arms against the thugs who were spread throughout the area, came to be known by the nickname Marusira and was hanged on August 5, 1975 at the Bogambara prison.

Ranmenika, who has been lonely since then, reflected on August 5 and this year two days before the commemoration of her beloved husband, she closed her eyes forever.

Ranmenika's last rites will be performed at 4 pm tomorrow at the Saliyapura Public Cemetery in Anuradhapura.