Reject admissions to schools if the name of the President or PM is used - advice to principals

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 - 18:59

All principals have been instructed to reject requests for admission of children to schools, citing the names of the President, the Prime Minister ro any other senior government officials.

A statement issued by the President's Media Division states that the Secretary to the President has informed all principals that strict action will be taken against the principals who violate this instruction.

It further states that some people are influenced to send letters to the principals urging them to admit children to schools stating that it is an order of the President, officials of the President's Office, the Prime Minister, officials of the Prime Minister's Office or other high level government officials.

It has been observed that in some cases government officials also send such letters.

Principals should not base a child's admission to school on any such letter and it further states that admission should be done only in accordance with the standard regulations and procedures.