Request to withdraw Jaliya's warrant

Thursday, 17 September 2020 - 8:29


The lawyers who appeared on behalf of former Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States, Jaliya Wickramasuriya requested the court yesterday (16) to withdraw the open warrant issued for his arrest by the Fort Magistrate’s Court. 

Wickramasuriya is accused of embezzling US$ 132,000 worth Sri Lankan State funds, during his tenure as the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States. 

Submitting an information report, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) informed the Fort Additional Magistrate Shalini Perera that they do not oppose the request made by the defendant’s lawyers.

However, the Additional Magistrate warned that the request must be made before the Permanent Magistrate and ordered the matter to be taken on 22 September. 

Jaliya Wickramasuriya was arrested by the CID on suspicion of embezzling US$ 132,000 from the Sri Lankan government while purchasing buildings for the Sri Lankan Embassy in the United States.

He was later remanded and was released on bail.

With the permission of the court, he travelled abroad seeking treatment for an eye disease and is yet to return to Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the Fort Magistrate's Court issued an open warrant for his arrest.