2021 budget to be tabled in Parliament in the second week of October

Thursday, 17 September 2020 - 13:10

The Budget Appropriation Bill for the year 2021 is due to be presented to Parliament in the second week of October.

Accordingly, the following are the policy issues that have been prioritized in preparing the budget for the year 2021.

1) Allocating the necessary resources to achieve the desired results through the Vistas of Prosperity policy statement.

2) Allocating the necessary resources to achieve the relevant objectives as stated in the Gazette Notification issued in connection with the allocation of subjects to the Ministries and State Ministries.

3) Providing drinking water to all households. Implementing the 100,000 km road rehabilitation improvement program covering the entire island, giving priority to the areas covering aquatic resources and irrigation.

4) Since government revenue is estimated to be around 10.2% of GDP by 2021, allocating resources for public investment programs, creating the necessary environment for the success of businesses and adopting cost saving management practices.

5) Providing necessary assistance to digitize government activities.

6) Focus on reviewing existing methods and moving towards simpler methods so that more effective results can be achieved by using limited resources.