Heavy showers of 100 to 150 mm are expected in many areas during the next 24 hours

Friday, 18 September 2020 - 16:40


The Meteorological Department has warned that wind speed can increase up to (60-70) kmph in the deep and shallow sea areas off the coasts extending from Batticaloa to Colombo

via Trincomalee, Kankasanturai and Puttalam and in the sea area extending from Galle to Pottuvil via Hambantota. These sea areas can
be rough or very rough at times.

Wind speed can increase up to (50-60) kmph in the deep and shallow sea areas off the coasts extending from Colombo to Galle. 

These sea areas can be fairly rough or rough at times.

There is a possibility that near shore sea areas off the coast extending from Kalpitiya to Pottuvil via Colombo, Galle and Hambantota may experience surges due to the effect of swell waves, having 2.5 – 3.0 m height Fishing and naval communities are requested to be vigilant in this regard.