Man arrested for raping 19-year-old girl

Thursday, 04 March 2021 - 18:45

Police have arrested a 38 year old man for raping a 19 year old girl.

It has been revealed that the suspect had raped the wife of the son of his mistress.

The suspect who was produced before the court has been remanded till the 12th of this month by the Galle Additional Magistrate.

Galle Additional Magistrate Pavithra Sanjeewani Pathirana also ordered to call a probation report on the two underage girls and the boy living in the house of the raped girl.

The woman had got married after a love affair and had come to her husband's house in Rathgama and her husband's mother had gone abroad.

She has complained to the police that the suspect had forcibly raped her on the morning of January last year and then continued to rape her on several occasions without her consent until February 28.