Gazette banning 11 extremist Muslim groups issued

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 - 9:32

An Extraordinary gazette (No. 2223/3 - TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2021) has been issued banning 11 extremist Muslim groups under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

1. United Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (UTJ)
2. Ceylon Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (CTJ)
3. Sri Lanka Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (SLTJ)
4. All Ceylon Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (ACTJ)
5. Jamiyathul Ansaari Sunnathul Mohomadiya (JASM) alias Jamma’ath Ansaaris Sunnathil Mohomadiya
Organization alias All Ceylon Jam-E- Athu Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya alias Ansaris Sunnathil
Mohammadiya Association alias Jama’ath Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya
6. Dharul Adhar alias Jamiul Athar Mosque alias Dharul Athar Quran Madrasa alias Dharul Aadhaar
7. Sri Lanka Islamic Student Movement (SLISM) alias Jamia
8. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) alias Al - Dawlah al - Islamiah Dawla Islamia
9. AL - Qaeda
10. Save the Pearls alias Save the Pearl Society
11. Super Muslim

REGULATIONS made by the President under section 27 of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act, No. 48 of
1979 read with the provisions of the Constitution.

1.These Regulations may be cited as the Prevention of Terrorism (Proscription of Extremist Organizations) Regulations No. 2 of 2021.

2. In furtherance of the efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka made in good faith for the purpose of ensuring the continuance of peace within the country and in the interest of national security, public order, and the rule of law, the organizations as specified in the Schedule hereto are hereby proscribed.

3. A person shall not, within or outside Sri Lanka-
(a) be a member or cadre of;
(b) provide leadership to;
(c) wear, display, hoist or possess the uniform, dress, symbol, emblem, or flag of;
(d) summon, convene, conduct or take part in a meeting of;
(e) obtain membership or join;
(f) harbour, conceal, assist a member, cadre or any other associate of;
(g) promote, encourage, support, advice, assist, act on behalf of;
(h) organize or take part in any activity or event of;
(i) donate or contribute money or material to;
(j) procure, store, transport, possess or distribute material for or of;
(k) espouse the cause of or represent;
(l) engage in any transaction with; or
(m) cause the dissemination of information on behalf of, any organization specified in the Schedule hereto or any other organization representing or acting on behalf of such organization or is connected with or concerned in such organization or which is reasonably suspected of being connected with or concerned in any of the activities specified above.

4. Any person who acts in contravention of regulation 3 of these regulations, commits an offence, and shall on conviction by the High Court for the Western Province established under Article 154P of the Constitution holden in Colombo, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twenty years.

5. Any person who conspires to commit or attempts, abets or engages in any conduct in preparation to commit an offence in contravention of regulation 3 of these regulations, commits an offence, and shall on conviction by the High Court for the Western Province established under Article 154P of the Constitution holden in Colombo, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years.

6. Where an offence under these regulations is committed by a body of persons, then, in addition to the persons directly responsible for the committing of the offence –
(a) if that body of persons is a body corporate, every director and the principal executive officer of such body corporate;
(b) if that body of persons is a partnership, every partner and the principal executive officer of such partnership; and
(c) if that body of persons is a body unincorporated other than a firm, the leader of such body of persons,
group or organization and every officer of that body of persons responsible for the management and control of such body, group or organization, shall, in addition to such body of persons, be deemed to be guilty of such offence.

7. Where the President is satisfied, after such inquiry as he thinks fit, that any person has custody of any moneys, securities or credits which are being used or are intended to be used, for the purposes of the proscribed organizations specified in the Schedule hereto,the President may, by order in writing declare that such moneys, securities or credits as are in the custody of any such person, or any moneys, securities or credits which may come into his custody after the making of such order and any other movable or immovable property belonging to such organization, shall be forfeited to the State 

8. For the avoidance of doubts, it is hereby declared that the provisions of these regulations shall not in any way affect the right of an international organization which the Secretary to the Ministry of the Minister assigned the subject of Defence may from time to time specify by order in writing, and which has entered into an agreement with the Government of Sri Lanka, to engage in any activity connected with the rendering of humanitarian assistance.