Proposal for online liquor sales to the Finance ministry (Video)

Tuesday, 15 June 2021 - 16:06

The opening of liquor outlets is currently banned due to travel restrictions. The Commissioner General of Excise stated that due to this, consumers have increasingly requested to be given the opportunity to purchase liquor online.

He further stated that the sale of illegal liquor has increased due to the closure of liquor outlets.

He stated that the sale of such illicit liquor at exorbitant prices has increased and that a number of institutions and individuals have requested for the opportunity to trade liquor through the online system. He said that a request has been made to the Ministry in a letter.

The Commissioner further said that a number of institutions and individuals have requested the Excise Department to provide legal liquor at reasonable prices under the "online" system to control the situation to some extent.

Commissioner General of the Excise Department states that the proposal for online liquor sales will be presented to the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. 

He said that as a pilot project, after approval people will be able to buy liquor in the same way goods are purchased from supermarkets online.

He said that if liquor is provided under this type of online system, it will be done with the approval of the Ministry of Finance and it has not been approved yet.

The Excise Department states that more than 50 illicit liquor distilleries have been raided in the past few days and that legal action has been taken against them.

Meanwhile reports circulating that the online sales have been approved are incorrect and this has been fact checked as well.