Help find Laskhan: Schoolboy goes missing in Ratnapura (CCTV/Video)

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 - 12:07

Fourteen year old Lakshan Abeyratne, a resident of Atigala Mawatha, Hidellana, Ratnapura, has been missing for four days.

Lakshan is a child who conducts his daily activities in a very orderly manner.

According to his mother, Lakshan was close to the mother, showing affection and love.

Lakshan had always looked after her mother's needs and has been good at school work as well as art.

The sudden disappearance of Lakshan, who used to schedule his daily activities, has caused a great shock to everyone in the house.

Lakshan, who used to stay at home with his two sisters and his mother, suddenly left the house on the morning of the 25th.

It has been four days since his disappearance.

Lakshan's father, who works at the Batticaloa police station, says his son had no reason to leave the house.

On the day of Lakshan's disappearance, CCTV footage shows him leaving the house carrying a backpack and walking around using his mobile phone.

The Ratnapura Police who are investigating the incident are focusing on whether this is another tragedy due to the use of online technology.

However, no information has been reported about Lakshan who has gone missing so far and the Ratnapura Police requests anyone with any clue about him or his whereabouts to keep the police informed.