Opposition Councillors of Dehiattakandiya PS stage a protest over controlled paddy price

Thursday, 16 September 2021 - 13:14

A group of Opposition members of the Dehiattakandiya Pradeshiya Sabha has staged a protest before the relevant Pradeshiya Sabha today against the controlled price which was imposed on paddy.

The group, dressed as farmers carried sacks of paddy in protest. It was also reported that they also participated in the Pradeshiya Sabha monthly meeting which was held later on the same day, dressed the same.

The protesting Pradeshiya Sabha members noted that the farmers are being inconvenienced as they do not receive a fair price for their harvest due to the controlled price imposed.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has seized nearly 250,000 kilos of paddy hidden in an unregistered warehouse in Pandukabhayapura of Parasangaswewa, Anuradhapura.

It is reported that the Anuradhapura District Consumer Affairs Authority had transported the recovered stocks to the Paddy Marketing Board warehouses using lorries.

It is said that stocks of Nadu, Samba, Kiri Samba and raw paddy were in the warehouse at the time of the raid.