Despite the strict travel restrictions Nuwara Eliya record influx of tourists

Sunday, 17 October 2021 - 19:16

Despite the strict travel restrictions announced between provinces, the number of local tourists visiting Nuwara Eliya over the weekend has increased.

However, our correspondent stated that some have canceled their reservations.

With the long vacation, a number of houses, including resorts and lodging resorts in the Nuwara Eliya area, were previously booked by local tourists.

Nuwara Eliya hoteliers say that some canceled booking due to the travel restrictions between provinces.

Despite the tightening of travel restrictions between the provinces, some local tourists were coming and spending their holidays, and the Nuwara Eliya Tourist Hotel Owners stated that facilities have been provided to those tourists in accordance with quarantine instructions.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the long holiday this weekend, the police have taken steps to strictly enforce the law against violators of quarantine laws.

Accordingly, roadblocks will be set up to check vehicles, search for violators of quarantine laws and enforce provincial travel restrictions on weekends as well.