Romeo and Juliet of the modern era - a fairytale meeting ends in tragedy for two young lovers

Sunday, 17 October 2021 - 18:40

A couple who decided to meet and talk would have never imagined that this would be their last meeting, the place where the life journey would end.

The fairytale love affair that blossomed through the internet was now going to the stage of meeting in person.

Was it panic, fear, embarrassment we will never know, a secret they have now taken to their grave.

A young man and a young girl in the Pitawela area in Kolonna died under tragic circumstances after coming into contact with in an unauthorized power line.

The young man has been identified as a 26-year-old resident of Dickwella, Wadumaduwa.

The young girl, a 17-year-old was a resident of Pitawela, Kolonna.

They had met with this tragic accident at a cinnamon cultivation belonging to a relative of the girl.

An unauthorized electric line has been wired around this cinnamon land, and the two young people had got entangled in these wires.

At a time when the human elephant conflict has prolonged without any answers and farmers are faced with numerous issues from all over the place, these deadly practices that put both wild life and humans at great danger can be seen.

Safety is something that continues to receive very little attention from people in this nation in various fields, in spite of the tragic incidents and regular experiences.

Police investigations have revealed that a live wire fence has been erected around the cinnamon cultivation to protect the crops from wild animals.

The two victims had been having an affair over the internet.

The young man had come all the way from Dickwella to meet the girl on the day of the tragic incident.

The young man had stopped his motorcycle near the girl's house and was talking to the girl, when the residents had seen them.

The couple who got excited had run away to the nearby cinnamon cultivation. This is when they had got electrocuted after coming into contact with the live wire fence.

The bodies of these young couple were found in the 5 acre cinnamon orchard just about 500 meters away from the girl's house.

The incident had taken place this morning (17).

The Embilipitiya Local Crime Unit and the Kolonna Police are conducting investigations into the incident..