Germany: Two police officers shot dead during traffic stop, suspects in wind

Monday, 31 January 2022 - 18:24

A manhunt is underway after two police officers from the Kusel police district in western Germany were shot dead during a routine traffic stop in the early hours of Monday morning.

A 29-year-old policeman and a 24-year-old policewoman were killed.

They were able to radio to colleagues, "They're shooting," prior to their deaths after spotting dead game in the vehicle the shooters traveled in. As a result of this knowledge, authorities are seeking more than one individual.

Police were looking for clues at the scene and had almost no leads early on Monday. The two officers who died were in uniform at the time, though they were driving an unmarked car.

The shooting occurred on a rural road, Kreisstrasse 22, at around 4:20 a.m. The road was entirely closed afterward.

"Police are seeking the fleeing perpetrators intensively and are securing clues at the crime scene," said a police statement. "A description of the perpetrator or the vehicle they are using is not available. The direction they fled is not known."

"At least one of the perpetrators is armed," the statement from the local Westpfalz police headquarters said.