Inginimitiya Reservoir Sluice Gates Opened - lowland residents to be vigilant

Tuesday, 21 November 2023 - 18:00

The Irrigation Department has opened six sluice gates in the Inginimitiya Reservoir, issuing a caution to lowland residents as 4,000 cubic feet of water per second is released into Mee Oya. This marks the first time this year that the sluice gates of the largest reservoir in the Puttalam district have been opened.

In addition to Inginimitiya Reservoir, the Irrigation Department reports that the sluice gates of Dedurooya, Tabbowa, and Rajangana reservoirs remain open. Residents of low-lying areas are advised to exercise caution in light of these water releases. The Irrigation Department's decision to open the sluice gates is related to water management and mitigating the risk of flooding.

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