Singapore Airlines offers US$10,000 to passengers who suffered 'minor injuries'

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 - 20:47

Singapore Airlines (SIA) apologised on Tuesday (Jun 11) and announced offers of monetary compensation to the 211 passengers who flew on the turbulence-hit SQ321.

Dozens of people were injured, some seriously, and one man died on board the May 20 flight.

SIA said offers of compensation were sent to all passengers on Monday. Those who sustained "minor injuries" from the incident were offered US$10,000 (S$13,500) in compensation.

“For those who sustained more serious injuries from the incident, we have invited them to discuss a compensation offer to meet each of their specific circumstances when they feel well and ready to do so,” said SIA in a Facebook post.

“Passengers medically assessed as having sustained serious injuries, requiring long-term medical care, and requesting financial assistance are offered an advance payment of US$25,000 to address their immediate needs. This will be part of the final compensation that these passengers will receive.”

A full refund of the airfare will be offered to all passengers of SQ321, including those who did not suffer any injuries. They would also receive delay compensation in accordance with European Union or United Kingdom regulations, said SIA.

'Can't move their body as usual': Some SQ321 passengers left Thailand in air ambulances, doctor says
SQ321 was travelling from London to Singapore when it encountered "rapid" G-force changes over the Irrawaddy Basin in Myanmar.

Passengers and crew were thrown up to the ceiling of the plane before falling back down, resulting in the emergency diversion of the plane to Bangkok.

One British passenger, Mr Geoff Kitchen, 73, died on board, likely because of a heart attack, while others suffered brain and spinal cord injuries.

Singapore’s national carrier said on Tuesday that it also provided all passengers with S$1,000 each upon their departure from Bangkok to meet their immediate expenses.

It added that it covered the medical expenses of injured passengers, and arranged for their family members fly up to Bangkok when requested.

“SIA remains committed to supporting the affected passengers who were on board SQ321,” it said.

“All affected passengers should have received their offers of compensation via email, along with information on how they may proceed with their claims”.

In response to CNA's queries, the airline cited privacy reasons for not providing specific details on the number of passengers who have accepted the compensation offers.

SIA also did not respond to a query about whether conditions, such as the ability to proceed with legal action, were attached to the offers.

It added that it remains ready to discuss a compensation offer with the family of the deceased Mr Kitchen when "they are able and ready to do so".

On the 18 crew members, SIA did not say whether they received similar compensation offers but stated the airline would "ensure that they receive all the support and assistance they need".

"This includes any necessary medical, psychological, and financial assistance they may need during their recovery," it added.

SIA also said it was proud of their professionalism and response in the aftermath of the SQ321 incident.

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