The Government in preparation for a reply to the UN statement abut impeachment.

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 - 8:00


Reports say that the Sri Lanka Government is getting ready to send an appropriate reply to the statement the UNO has made with regard to the impeachment against the Chief Justice.


A Foreign Affairs Ministry senior spokesman said that the Government would communicate its stance with regard to the subject to the UN.


UN's Independent Judges' and Lawyers' Special spokesperson Gabriel Knavul had recently made a statement with regard to the impeachment against the Chief Justice.


In this statement the special spokesperson had said that the UN was paying its attention on the impeachment.


The spokesperson had made a request to the Sri Lankan Government to reconsider the impeachment presented in parliament.


The UN representative has stated further that the report of the PSC on impeachment had become politicised.


A senior Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman told our news team that the UN special spokeswoman had made the statement without proper inquiry into the impeachment brought forward against the Chief Justice.


Meanwhile the Appeal Court is scheduled to take up for hearing tomorrow the petition Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake had filed against the PSC on impeachment.


The Speaker and the members of the PSC on Impeachment have been noticed to appear before court tomorrow.


The petition will be taken up for hearing before a three-member bench of Judges comprising Appeal Court Justices S. Sri Skandaraja, A. W. A. Salaam and Anil Gunaratne.