Signs portend of Presidency of BASL changing hands

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 - 19:32


President’s Counsel J. Kanagaratnam is contesting for the chairmanship of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka during its official ballot for which the ballots will be cast on the 20th of next month.


Secretary of the BASL Sanjaya Gamage stated that the nominations should be handed over before the 10th of this month.


He also stated that he is planning to contest again for the post of secretary of the BASL.


However, he also noted that the incumbent chairman of the BASL, MP Wijedasa Rajapakse had not notified him if he is not contesting for a 2nd term.




Several proposals regarding the impeachment were also passed by the BASL recently.


One of those proposals stated that the BASL will not recognize another Chief Justice if the incumbent Chief Justice is removed.