SLMC & Leftist parties remain undecided on support for Divinaguma bill

Friday, 04 January 2013 - 12:58


It is reported that the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress as well as Leftist parties remain undecided if they would render their assistance to the revised Divinaguma bill which is due to be presented before parliament on the 08th of this month.


General Secretary of the SLMC parliamentarian Hassan Ali expressing his views to our news team stated that the parties parliamentary group was due to convene this evening in order to reach a conclusion.


However when the Divinaguma bill was presented for sanction before the Eastern provincial council previously, SLMC political figures voted in favour of the bill, despite party warnings to abstain from casting votes.


The SLMC has already called-in a disciplinary warning against SLMC members of the Eastern provincial council who had voted in favour of the bill regardless of instructions issued by the parties' hierarchy.


Meanwhile Minister Professor Thissa Witharana, the Leader of the Sama Samaja party states that the stance of his party would be announced next Sunday during its central working committee meeting.


Professor Thissa Witharana expressing his views in this regard stated that his party had submitted a set of proposals to the attention of Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa, seeking several revisions to the proposed Divinaguma bill.


The Supreme Court meanwhile has deduced that several clauses contained in the Divinaguma bill should be approved in parliament by a special majority, while it had also ruled that the minister's suggestion to establish administrative zones should be approved of-through a referendum.


Upon considering 14 petitions which challenged the Divinaguma bill, the Supreme Court ended up providing the following recommendations.


When enquired Deputy Speaker Chandima Weerakkodi noted that the revised Divinaguma bill was being presented before parliament based on the Supreme Courts recommendations.