SLMC to support the Divi Neguma Bill

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 - 12:46


The Divi Neguma bill is scheduled to be passed after it is taken up for debate at the parliamentary committee stage.


The government accepted 10 out of the 12 amendments that were suggested by the Supreme Court and the subject minister will present the amendments to the parliament at the committee stage.


The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress today stated that it will support the Divi Neguma Bill.


Speaking to our news team National Organizer of the SLMC, Shafeeq Rajabdeen stated that the SLMC also had presented several amendments to the Divi Neguma Bill and that the government has agreed to those amendments.


However, the JVP and the Tamil National Alliance have decided to vote against the Divi Neguma Bill and the UNP has decided to join the debate regarding the bill.


The UNP MPs are currently engaged in a discussion in order to arrive at a final decision regarding voting for the bill.