An attempt by foreign affairs ministry to bring Rizana's body

Thursday, 10 January 2013 - 8:17


Foreign Affairs Ministry says that a diplomatic intervention is being made for transporting to Sri Lanka the body of Risaanaa sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

In response to a query by our news team the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister said that even by now the relevant request has been submitted.

The Minister also said that usually on occasions like this it was difficult to have bodies transported to Sri Lanka.

However the Deputy Foreign Affairs  Minister said  further that his ministry was engaged in an attempt to have Risaanaa's body brought to Sri Lanka.

The deputy foreign affairs Minister said further that on behalf of the wellbeing of Risaanaa's family including her parents, necessary action would be taken in the future under the intervention of the Foreign Employment Promotion and Wellfare Ministry.

Risaanaa Nafeek, a resident of Muutuur  in Trincomalee, went to Saudi Arabia for employment as a housemaid on 1st April, 2005 through an employment Agency.

At that time she was 17 years old.

The employment agent had sent her abroad by falsely mentioning a higher age in her passport.

A four month old infant living in the house served by Risaanaa died on 25th May, 2005 as a result of choking when Risaanaa fed milk to the baby with a bottle.

Subsequently while a case was filed before court charging that she had committed homicide, the Saudi court decided that she had committed a homicide.

According to Shariyaa law she was sentenced to death.

Although subsequently several sections tried to have her released, she was killed by beheading in the Saudi prison yesterday, rendering all the attempts of setting her free futile.