Lawyers boycott duties. A walk from Hulstdorf to parliament

Thursday, 10 January 2013 - 8:18


All attorneys’ at law have decided to refrain from their duties during the two days the debate regarding the impeachment report is being conducted.

The Bar Association Sri Lanka stated that the objective of this action is to protest against the course of action in question and that all the BASL branches in the Island have been notified of this course of action.

Issuing a statement the BASL stated that it is condemning the impeachment without conditions.

The BASL is also requesting from the President, The Speaker, representatives of the political parties and the other groups to not act against the decision of the Supreme Court.

The Sri Lanka Lawyers Collective states that a peaceful procession has been organized from the Hultsdorf Court Complex to the Parliament in protest of the impeachment report and that, representatives of opposition and several civil organizations are taking part in the procession.

Meanwhile issuing a statement the Sri Lanka Independent Lawyers Association stated that it is condemning the decision taken by the BASL without the consent of a majority to cripple the judicial activities.

The statement by the Sri Lanka Independent Lawyers Association further stated that it will engage in court activities today and tomorrow in protest of this trade union action.