A person kidnapped from Kahawaththa.

Thursday, 17 January 2013 - 8:39


A resident of Kahawatta in Ratnapura has been abducted by a gang

Police Media Spokesman's office said that the Kahawatta police had received a complaint to the effect that a gang which had come in a van and abducted the person concerned day-before-yesterday.

The person thus abducted was a resident of Neelagama in Kahawatta named Gamini Wickremasinghe.

The victim is a 43 year old father of two children who had worked as a labourer in a mine.

His wife told our news team that a gang had come in a van when her husband was at home and abducted him.

Gamini Wickremasinghe's wife elaborating on the incident sated as follows:


However according current reports this individual was a person who had been remanded for one year over a suspicion and released.

Reports say that this individual had been a prisoner arrested on a suspicion with regard to the second woman killed in Kotaketana in Kahawatta.

Three more persons had been acquitted and released.