Debate regarding detention of suspects for 48 hours on Tuesday

Thursday, 17 January 2013 - 12:57



Parliament will enact new legislation next Tuesday to enable the police detain a person who has been arrested without a warrant for 48 hours before producing him or her before a magistrate instead of the normal 24 hours.

The Code of Criminal Procedure that provides for such a move was presented to Parliament on October 11 last year. 

It is now listed in the parliament order book to be taken up for debate and approval on Tuesday. 

However, the Supreme Court decided recently that as this bill contained short comings and therefore it was not in line with the constitution and that if it is to be passed it would require a special majority in parliament.

Therefore when this bill is taken up for debate in parliament on the 22nd, the UNP and the JVP have decided to vote against it.