The UNP decision about those who opposed the impeachment and new posts today.

Monday, 21 January 2013 - 8:04


The UNP working committee that would take several special decisions including new party positions for 2013 take place today.


That will be at the Sirikotha party headquarters.


Accordingly appointment of persons to the positions of party deputy leader, Assistant Leader and national organiser is due to be held at the meeting.


Reports say that party leader Ranil Wickremasinghe is scheduled to appoint MP Sajith Premadasa for the post of Deputy Leader, MP Joseph Michael as Assistant Leader and Dayaa Gamage as National Organiser .


Meanwhile UNP political sources pointed out that most probably there was no chance for the name MP Sajith Premadasa to be proposed for the post of Deputy Leader today.


The reason for this is that even now an investigation is being held with regard to the way MP Sajith Premadasa had behaved at the recently held debate on impeachment.


However reports say that working committee members are scheduled to propose several more names for the posts of Deputy Leader and National Organiser.


Accordingly if several names are proposed for a post, election is also scheduled to be held according to the party constitution.


In addition a special decision is scheduled to be taken at the working committee today with regard to MPs who had voted for the impeachment although they had joined the Government after being elected on the UNP ticket.


Prior to the recent impeachment the MPs concerned had been informed by a special letter to vote against the impeachment.


Accordingly legal action is due to be taken at the working committee meeting today with regard to MPs who had voted for the impeachment contrary to party decision.   


Currently 18 MPs who entered parliament on the UNP ticket at the 2010 general election support the Government.


Meanwhile Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe says that the expiry of the tenure of office of the current Government is due in 2014.


The opposition leader said so while participating at a people's rally held at Dombagolla in Ridigama last afternoon.