Ranil - Sajith pow wow; Sajith agrees to work according to party agenda.

Friday, 25 January 2013 - 8:23


A special discussion was held yesterday between Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and MP Sajith Premadasa with regard to appointing a suitable person for the post of UNP Deputy Leader.


Reports say that at this meeting held with the participation of Senior party leaders discussion was held on the action to be taken for appointing a Deputy Leader.


On this occasion the Opposition Leader pointed out to MP Sajith Premadasa that a number of blemishes had been caused to the party by MP Premadasa last year when he had held the post of Deputy Leader.


The Opposition Leader also pointed out that as a result of this the party’s peace and political activities had been impeded.


The Opposition Leader had emphasized that in the future if he holds a post in the party he should work in accordance with party agenda.


Responding to this, MP Sajith Premadasa had stated that he was committing himself to act according to the party agenda in the future.


MP Sajith Premasa had also asserted that he would make any pledge to party leadership with regard to this.


However the Opposition Leader had said further that while a further discussion would be held next Monday with regard to appointing the party deputy leader, a final decision would be taken on that occasion.


The opposition leader had said on that occasion that since the names of several persons had been proposed for the post of party deputy leader, he would hold discussion with them as well during the next few days.