Minor earth tremors experienced in Ampara this afternoon; investigations recommence

Friday, 25 January 2013 - 19:21


The Geological Survey & Mines bureau states that the earth tremors which are being experienced in the Ampara district are no cause for alarm.

Chairman of the GSMB Dr. N.P. Wijayananda expressing his views to our news team noted that this was ascertained subsequent to comparing the results of the tremor which was experienced in the area this morning up against previously recorded seismic data.

However Chairman of the GSMB Dr. N.P. Wijayananda added that continuous investigations would be conducted into the incident.


3 minor tremors were experienced in 3 separate locations adjacent to the Senanayeke Samudraya in Ampara this morning.

These tremors have also been registered in the seismic measurement instruments established in the area.

Similar natured seismic activity was reported recently from the areas of Ampara, Wadinagala, Dewalahinda & Pallangala.

Subsequent to the posting of seismic measuring instruments in these areas it was discerned that human activity had induced these tremors.


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