Lot to learn from Sri Lanka; Turkish Ambassador

Friday, 25 January 2013 - 19:26


The newly appointed Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alexander Okyay said that Sri Lanka's experience in fighting terrorism could be a good example for Turkey to learn from.

Speaking to the English language Turkish daily Today's Zaman before his departure to Colombo, the Turkish diplomat said that both countries have a lot of common issues and fight against terrorism was a first.

Speaking of bilateral relations, the Ambassador has said the two countries are deepening their relationship with the opening of the Sri Lankan embassy in Ankara and the Turkish embassy in Colombo.

As Turkey's first ambassador to Sri Lanka, Okyay has said that his first priority would be strengthening trade ties.

Ambassador Okyay has also urged the Turkish investors and tourists to visit Sri Lanka as it is a safe country to visit now the terrorism is no longer a concern in Sri Lanka.