Former Mayor of Galle denies receiving any correspondence regarding removal

Saturday, 26 January 2013 - 8:01


Former Mayor of the Galle Municipal Council Methsiri De Silva states that he has not received any correspondence notifying him that he has been removed from his post.


The former mayor expressed the following views to the media following a special pooja held at the Hikkaduwa - Seenigama devalaya yesterday seeking justice for his predicament.




Mayor of the Galle municipal council Methsiri De Silva was removed from his post last Wednesday.


Chief Minister of the Southern Province Shan Wijelal De Silva stated that the gazette with regard to that was issued the same day.


A group of Galle municipal councillors had issued a list of allegations against the mayor prior to the provincial council election of 2011.


The report regarding the investigations carried out was issued 2 months ago.


Although our news team tried to get in touch with the Chief Minister of the Southern Province Shan Wijelal De Silva, our attempts were futile.