Cannot impose restrictions on US officials; Foreign Ministry

Saturday, 26 January 2013 - 19:40


The Patriotic National Movement requests the government not to let the 3 US Assistant Secretaries of state who are in the island meet with Opposition party representatives and NGO Representatives.


General Secretary of the Movement Dr. Wasantha Bandara stated that certain opposition parties and NGO’s were part of the conspiracy against the country.




However, a Senior Spokesperson at the Ministry of External Affairs stated that as a country that values democracy, the government cannot afford to impose restrictions on the US Delegation.


A delegation comprising of 3 US Assistant Secretaries of state arrived in the island this morning.


The delegation is due to tour Sri Lanka & the Maldives until the 1st of February.


As part of its itinerary the group is due to meet with several high profile political representatives & leading civil society activis