Wild life parks subjected to police inspection every 6 months.

Monday, 28 January 2013 - 7:51


Agrarian Services and Wildlife Deputy Minister S. M. Chandrasena said that action would be taken deploy the police every six months to probe activities taking place in wildlife parks.

The Deputy Minister said that steps would be taken to carry this out without a clash being created between the police and wildlife officials.

The Deputy Minister said so while speaking to media  about the situation that had cropped up in coincidence with the Udawalawa Wildlife park incident.

The clash had been triggered with the police announcing that two Wildlife Security Officers had abducted police officials who had gone to raid several Marijuana cultivations in the Udawalawa National Wildlife Park.

However Wildlife Monitoring Officers’ Association said yesterday that as a result of two police officers being taken into custody of wildlife officers within the  Udawalawa National Wildlife Park, police personnel cause  various harassments to the wildlife staff.