It is not a proposal against Sri Lanka - Says US

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 - 12:42


The US stated that the report that will be presented during the United Nations Human Rights Session in March is one that is not against Sri Lanka.


Speaking to our news team spokesperson for the American Embassy in Sri Lanka, Christopher Keel stated that the report in question will be important towards reconciliation in the country.




However, a majority of the foreign media had reported today that a report against Sri Lanka will be presented at the UNHRC based on a comment made by one of the US assistant secretaries of state James Moore who is currently touring the country.


The reports stated that Moore had made a comment saying that the report will be based on human rights, war crimes as well as the impeachment of the former chief justice.


Meanwhile, the 3 US assistant secretaries of state who are visiting the country are scheduled to meet with representatives of civil societies today.


Prior to this they had toured the North and met with representatives of the TNA and the UNP.