Nasa scientist handover final report

Saturday, 02 February 2013 - 19:19


The Medical Research Institute states that the meteor fragments discovered from Aralaganwila & the recent red rains do not pose a threat to the public's health.


It was the Ministry of Health that directed the MRI to carryout tests on samples of the red rain in order to ascertain if it caused a health hazard to the public.


Subsequently the MRI discovered that microbes were contained in these water samples.


Moreover the Director of the 'Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology' in the United Kingdom Professor Chandra Wickremesinghe & Professor Richard B. Hoover of the National Aeronautics & Space Agency also arrived in the island in order to carry out investigations into these incidents.


The findings of these investigations were handed over to the Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Nihal Jayathilleke yesterday.


Director of the MRI Dr. Anil Smaranayeke expressed further views to our news team in this regard.