Reveal details about the Foreign affairs Ministers Indian Tour - UNP requests.

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 - 9:21


The UNP says that a clear statement should be made to parliament and the country with regard to the discussions recently held between Foreign Affairs Minister  G. L. Peiris and Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.


UNP General Secretary MP Tissa Attanayake said so while participating at the media briefing held in Colombo yesterday.


A discussion was also held between Foreign Affairs Minister Professor G. L. Peiris who had been engaged in an Indian tour on 23rd ultimo and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


UNP General Secretary expressing his views further at the media briefing held in Colombo with regard to the said Indian tour.




On this occasion general secretary MP Tissa Attanayake expressed his views about the Divinaeguma programme as well.


The MP said that sub-standard seeds were being distributed under the Divinaeguma programme.





We inquired about this from Economic Development Deputy Minister S. M Chandrasena.